Naughty is an episode from Season 1

Summery Edit

spoiled kid is waiting patiently for santa to arrive, when santa does arrive he gives spoiled kid "Rock Land" for the Playstation 3 BUT spoiled kid has an Xbox 360 so he becomes visibly upset. then santa goes to audrey and victor in which they are homeless and are huddled around a trashcan fire. santa gives them cole and they are happy and put it on the fire then it ends on the shadow of spoiled kid ragingl.

Quotes Edit

"Ho,ho,ho." - santa

Trivia Edit

  • audreys hair is longer in this episode
  • this is the only time Victor wheres a hat
  • this is the only time we see santa and the spoiled kid

Errors Edit

audrey and victor are celebrating christmas evan though they are jews

even though they got one cole there is 5 pieces of cole on the fire

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